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Centralize your efforts to conquer dirt! 

In many ways, a central vacuum cleaner is the ultimate luxury accessory for efficient maintenance and cleaning. It allows you to dramatically improve air quality, while making less noise and requiring less maintenance than other types of vacuum cleaners. 

In short, here is why you should consider this type of vacuum cleaner: 

Advantages of a wet or dry central vacuum cleaner 

Whether you need to clean a house, an apartment, a business, a factory, a truck or other motorized vehicle, the beauty of a central vacuum cleaner is that it can be installed anywhere. Compared to the canister model, it is much less cumbersome. In addition, it offers impeccable results, because it does not release the slightest particle during use. 

Water filtration central vacuum cleaner 

Drainvac and Mvac brands are widely known for the remarkable efficiency of their models. They are connected directly to the drain and therefore flush automatically. So, you never have to worry about changing the vacuum cleaner bag. In addition, they are able to clean up liquid spills, if necessary. 

Central vacuum cleaner brands 

Central vacuum cleaners are a very popular item with our commercial and industrial clientele. For each of our clients, our team of experts conducts a thorough need analysis and before carrying out a custom installation of the central vacuum cleaner that best suits their situation. For example, some industrial enterprises must rely on a vacuum cleaner capable of recovering particles and materials for later reuse. 

Carstelle has chosen to distribute the best brands available on the market such as Mvac, Wave and Drainvac. 

Thanks to our many years of experience in the sale, installation and repair of all types of cleaning equipment/accessories as well as household equipment such as extractors, auto-scrubbers and polishers, our team of specialists is able to expertly meet all your needs whether residential, commercial or industrial. 

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